A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks



Definitely a 5* book for me!

Well, to begin with I like reading stories with mature individuals and am not into reading young adult fiction at all because for some reason it gives me the creeps, I don’t know why! It is only on the recommendation of my dearest friend Anne that I took this book up, and boy! how much I want to thank her!

To be honest, not many books have the power to really touch me and make me cry. A Walk to Remember is the exception on my list along with a chosen few. Also, I tend to research about a book before beginning it, and somewhere I had read that this one had a sad ending. Now I am an optimist and have a soft corner in my heart for happy endings and ‘happily ever afters’ and would not readily touch something heart breaking, so I had practically avoided this book. Had not Anne emphasized on this one it would have stayed on my TBR for a long time! But again I am grateful I listened to my friend!

The book is a very simple love story and it does not fail to impress me. The language is pretty simple, nothing flowery and it’s just as if you are having a conversation with your friend over coffee. Though I was born much much later than the period of the book, it gave me a nostalgic feel about my teenage years and it sort of connected with me. Also, it being a story of undying, relentless and selfless love was the main thing that made this book so special for me because in today’s times not only is the phenomenon rare and people very practical but also such stories are almost absent from the market with many of the recent publications being full of crappy and indecent stuff nowhere close to real love! This book for a change brought that good feeling back to my heart.

It’s basically a narrative by Landon Carter of his seventeenth year and the life changing experiences he had then. When I began with the book it actually felt like revisiting “The Wonder Years”, and those who have seen the series would undoubtedly understand what I mean here. I laughed through most of the initial parts of the books, and the teenage thought process was effortlessly brought out through the simple lines the author penned. No taciturnity in this one. And as much as I laughed initially, I had a big lump in my throat through the last third of the book and it did have it within itself to move me. No complications in the story and just a very simple way to self evolvement for the hero. Though I must admit, I did not expect it, because you never tend to take teenage love stories seriously!

Most reviewers tend to have a liking for Jamie, and no doubt she was a strong character, but for me the star of the show was Landon, because it was he who faced the challenge of his life and it was he who experienced the biggest transformation of his life! It’s his life changing decision that designs his future life. The way he matures in a few months and starts feeling responsible is remarkable.

I am sure many people have written about the story and the other details like the characters and settings, so I won’t emphasize on those parts here because one may have had enough of those. It is more importantly about what the book made you feel, and I was completely won over by this very simple narrative.

Highly recommended for any lover of simple stories with great meanings.


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