Storm & Silence by Robert Thier

This is an honest review at request of the author in exchange for a free copy of the book.


Well I am a huge historical fiction lover and have an exasperating requirement of perfect period details. So when I started reading Storm and Silence I was not getting the click since the language is not exactly Victorian, being based in that era. But since I was committed to the review and was keen on knowing the story, I continued. And believe me, I am so happy I did!!

You just have to keep all your logical reasoning aside and read this book. That’s the best suggestion I can give any future reader of Storm and Silence. Because if you are keen on looking for minute details you may be at a loss sometimes. And that is of course if you are reading it before its being edited for publishing. I think the finished product in the form of a hardcopy would be all smooth and shiny.

When I started, the language struck me as being too contemporary and there dropped one star. Then I continued and found that there were many glitches and grammatical errors coming around, another half star gone. The dwindling propensity of the stars was getting exaggerated and from the remaining 3.5, losses were threatening to occur if I pursued in the same critical fashion for the minutest details possible. And since the story was a little intriguing and I wanted to know what was up, I thought let’s just give a break to the perfection fetish and concentrate only on the story. And that indeed was a good decision. Believe me when I say, the book is good.

The author is exceptionally talented when it comes to sarcastic humour. I had a laugh riot through pages and pages. Amazing it was. I mean its ages since I laughed so much while reading a book. Only thing is I think the author overdid it at a couple of places, like the climax when the rhythm of the story was chiefly lump-in-throat kind of.

The story overall is nice with the female protagonist being a hardcore feminist and suffragist and striving to live an independent life in times when it was not even to be thought of. The male protagonist is the richest and at the same time stingiest man in London (and that was a good aspect, the hero being a miser, I mean who could think of that! And that’s good for a change!) and for all his chauvinism and miserly behaviour he stands as one of my favourite heroes in my list purely on the basis of his final call at the climax. The sub-plots used are also interesting like suffrages and Ella and Edmund’s story.

I absolutely love Lilly Linton! She is amazing! Contrastingly different from Victorian principles she has a very resilient character. For one, she is shameless. Secondly, she is rough and tough and what a tomboy! Thirdly, though a tomboy, somewhere inside she is very sensitive. Her figure is generous and her skin tanned. Her thought process is so funny and sarcastic! She is just so real for me! Oh, I love her!

Knowledge is power is time is money. That’s Mr. Rikkard Ambrose’s mantra. Some minute details of his behaviour have been beautifully captured by the author. Though a tough, stingy, stone hard, cold, chauvinistic and ruthless master, he is still caring, observant and a very nice character. From what I could perceive, he’s had a tough past and more about him will be revealed in the sequel.

Reading the book was a good experience as it kept me hooked once my concentration was only on the story. There is great humour, adventure, mystery, suspense and romance. I was literally on the edge in many scenes. The conversations through the pneumatic tubes are just so cute! But the star of the show for me was the ending. The cliff-hanger. I mean so unexpected and so surprising. For a few minutes I was speechless. I was like, what the dickens is this?? This can’t be!! No no no no no no no. This just cant be!! There has to be a way out!

Then after I went through the additional material the author has supplied with the book, I got to understand that there is a sequel. But then again it is from Mr Ambrose’s point of view and from the beginning of the excerpt “None of your business”, it seems to be his side of the story. That is all fine, but then will it be the whole thing repeated all over again??!?!? That’s a huge question on my mind. Then what about what happens later?? When will that be known?? I think it should be from the point of view of Mr Ambrose but should begin with where it has now paused with flashbacks of memories related in the first book. (I’m so dying to know what happens next!!!!!)

There are so many things remaining unresolved! What is Lord Dalgelishe’s reaction and his next step. What happens with Ella and Edmund. What about Captain Carter? I don’t think he was just a passing character. Also, I want to see Aunt Brank squirming with astonishment and shock! I also want to see Mr. Ambrose’s victory, I mean the dangers they’ve been through should be worth it, it can’t just end! In reality this may happen, but then this is fiction and it’s chief purpose is to take you away from reality!

Moving ahead to the critical parts. I was earlier mentioning about the glitches in the story, I’ll tell you some:

For one, you only realize you are reading a period book when terms such as coaches, oil lamps, and tailcoats are being used and when there are those clandestine meetings between Ella and Edmund. And when I’m on the same strain I’d like to say that their conversations seemed to be too historic. Like the hyper profuse declarations of their love for one another again and again. Sometimes they were lengthened beyond bearing.

Secondly, there were conflicting elements throughout the story.

Thirdly many typos.

From the talents of the author, I would definitely like to say that it would have come out brilliantly if he had made it some kind of time travelling story because the heroine is hyper contemporary, she is someone like me and very today kind of and not someone from 200 years ago. Even the expletives she uses are quite belonging to this century.
If you just ignore these things, I believe the story is very interesting and you should give it a read.

Note to the author: Firstly, You are amazingly talented, sarcastic humour I believe is your key strength.. Cash in on it.
Secondly, with the sequel, please keep Mr. Ambrose alive!!!!! I mean there are so many things still unresolved and they haven’t even got a chance to be together!

Thirdly, please bring it out soon!!!

Fourthly, I was royally entertained! Keep up the good work.

Looking forward to the published copy as well as the sequel with impatience!


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