The Hesitant Heiress by Dawn Crandall


Review on author request against a copy of the book and on my unbounded excitement and eagerness to devour and gorge on The Everstone Chronicles!!

“Without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers… For I long to see you…”


Nathan: Wow Amaryllis!

Amaryllis: Huh! [Wow! His eyes! (drools) his smile! (sigh)]

Nathan: Yay Amaryllis! (claps)

Amaryllis: Duh! (wow, he’s so charming!)

Nathan: Be my friend Amaryllis!

Amaryllis: Who do you think you are? (sigh! Why is he not looking at me??)

Nathan: Bye! (Huh, I won’t think of her!)

Amaryllis: Good riddance! (Where is Nathan??)

Nathan: Oh, I want to see her! (Runs back)

Amaryllis: So, he’s back? [yay, he’s back!(claps)]

Nathan: Oh, I love her so!

Amaryllis: Why do I keep thinking of him??

Nathan: Amaryllis trust me!

Amaryllis: Huh, over my dead body! (oh, I do trust him!)

Nathan: I love you Amaryllis!

Amaryllis: Liar!

Nathan: I do love you!

Amaryllis: Huh, pretence!

Nathan: Why can’t I have her??

Amaryllis: Oh, I love him so!

Nathan: I want to marry you!

Amaryllis: Liar! (oh, I wish you would!)

Nathan: I love you!

Amaryllis: I love you too!


Nathan: Let’s elope!

Amaryllis: I can’t marry you! Go away!

Nathan: Big mistake!

Amaryllis: Huge mistake!

Nathan: Oh, but I still love you!

Amaryllis: Oh, I love you too!




This in short is the gist of the story!

Splendid, in a word!

Absolutely, truly and positively loved, loved and just loved the book and the characters! I was sad when it finally ended, which is enough to prove, it’s an outstanding book!

Brilliant debut novel!

My congratulations to the author for achieving such a story! You Dawn Crandall are undoubtedly an exceptional and original writer! Very intelligent writing! Hats off to your effort!

A splendid combination of romance, mystery, suspense, intrigue, drama and humour. The conversations are superlative in quality, very witty, enjoyable and feeling.

Read such a good one after so long! The historical fiction these days are just a bag of utter amorous nonsense, and the Hesitant heiress was such a refreshing change!

Further, I must add that it is captivating! I can’t seem to stop singing it’s praises! A story which actually felt like a story of true love! What romance! What pure love! And what a roller coaster ride! I was on the edge most of the time! Many times I felt like I was reading a Fanny Burney novel with its many ups and downs and turns and twists! What a journey for Amaryllis and Nathan! To be honest, I must confess I was a bit exasperated with Amaryllis for some time because Nathan was being honest and he was genuine while she was presumptuous, prejudiced and stubborn enough to remain that way with her preconceived notions! She comes to her own conclusions and though is intelligent enough to stand on her own, she doesn’t use her brain in thinking about the possibility of another side to the story! But having said all of this, I must say she is a very likeable heroine. Her actions are actually justified because of her past experiences, having had them as a child, and then the same experiences forming the basis of her judgments. She is kind, loving, ambitious, talented, charming, obedient and very much suiting Nathan Everstone!

Speaking of whom, I must say I found a new entrant to my favourite hero’s list! He is fabulous and fascinating and enigmatic and charming and just so full of undeterred and pure, undying love! He is a Hero! The best thing about him along with his perseverance, for me as I found was his faith and belief in God. And he is so very misunderstood by everyone!

Nathan and Amaryllis make a charming pair! They are so similar, which Nathan does realise very early in his acquaintance with Amaryllis, but she takes a lot of time to come to the grip of it. Their love for a humble, unpretentious life is again beautiful. I just can’t get over them!

A remarkable element of the book is the usage of beautiful and and wonderfully suitable quotations, like the one I have mentioned above from the Bible. Very meaningful and catchy. Some very touching.

The secondary characters too are very likeable and though form important threads through the story, they do not steal the lead pair’s thunder. The focus throughout has been very well managed. More so, since this book is from a first person POV. And again, Dawn Crandall has, I think, a remarkable talent for that!

I believe I can go on and on about the book tirelessly, but the best thing would be for you to grab a copy and savour it! It’s absolutely worth the time!


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