The Bound Heart (The Everstone Chroncicles #2) by Dawn Crandall

Honest review on author request against a copy of the book and my unwavering enthusiasm and eagerness to experience the era and lives in The Everstone Chronicles.

This review contains spoilers!

“For what thou art is mine: Our state cannot be sever’d; we are one, One flesh; to lose thee were to lose myself.”

I am mesmerized. I cannot put into words how I feel after reading this book. Speechless. There seems a void after having finished this book and that in my opinion is a sign of a good book.

The ability of author Dawn Crandall to pen the basics of pure love in such a simple and touching way is the highlight of the books in the series. She has the ability to take us back to the basics of what true and pure love is, what it should be which sadly many have forgotten. A splendid and superlative journey through a mesmerizing story which is not just about undying love but also about faith, empathy, steadfastness, and awakening about one’s belief in God.

The Bound Heart is the second book from The Everstone Chronicles series and takes us through the story of childhood friends Lawrence Hampton and Meredyth Summercourt. Best friends since childhood and unknown to her, Lawry has been in love with Meredyth since forever while she has been adamant to marry Vance Everstone, whom she holds herself bound to be married to for a sin of their past. Unplanned events lead to Meredyth starting to fall in love with Lawry and she is then torn between her lover for Lawry and her presumed duty of marrying Vance.

The beauty of the book lies in a few things: For one, it is the unwavering, untiring and steadfast love Lawry bears for Meredyth; secondly, Meredyth’s own guilt and awakening towards the love of God. Along with these, what I found the most touching element was Lawry and Wynn’s relationship. I cried at the scene where Lawry is trying to convince Wynn about her welfare in staying with Vance while Meredyth is secretly peeping through the door. It is for me the best scene of the book.

“All brave men love; for he only is brave who has affections to fight for…”

Lawry Hampton! What do I say about him? He is indeed a character one just cannot refuse to love and one who teaches others love. Wow, I mean how can someone fathom such a simple yet powerful character! I love him! Absolutely! Steadfastly waiting for the woman he loves and hoping and praying for his dreams to be fulfilled. A man with a heart overflowing with love and empathy, ready to accept the love of his life with all her faults. There is a serenity to his love for Meredyth.

Meredyth Summercourt is the darling of fortune. Blessed with everything life can offer, she lives the privileged life of Boston but with immense guilt in her heart. Willing to do good for others, she still is apprehensive of what her family might think of her. Devoted to marrying only Vance Everstone, she rejects all suitors and has her eyes completely shut to Lawry’s feelings. Considering herself guilty she feels she is caged in and the feeling of being bound makes her fear letting the barriers fall for Lawry. Her POV is brought about in a very interesting manner. How she fights her feelings and how hard she tries can be understood by the constant contemplation she undergoes.

“We loved with a love that was more than love”

And their love! So beautiful! They are truly meant to be. The portrayal of their relationship after Meredyth starts loving him and her recognition of Lawry’s feelings for herself are indeed a pleasure to read. She is guilty that she doesn’t deserve him while he loves her unquestioningly and unwaveringly. After much trepidation Meredyth finally allows acknowledgement of their love and what bliss it is indeed in their lives! You have to read it and experience it yourself to enjoy it.

“Groans that words cannot express are often prayers that God cannot refuse.”

The test Lawry and Meredyth have to go through! And not just that, the heart wrenching plight of Wynn Roselette is just unmistakably touching. Unexpected circumstances again distance them from each other and this is the most emotional part of the book where you constantly have a lump in your throat. The beauty of the way Dawn Crandall brings out the characters’ feelings is for what you should make it a point to read this book. It just cannot be explained in words. Though Lawry, Meredyth and even Wynn are suffering, my heart went out for Lawry chiefly and even for Wynn. Meredyth faces very crucial circumstances herself and the awakening she deserves finally and after much anguish dawns on her.

“And his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.”

Finally, the happily ever after! After a tumultuous roller coaster ride of emotions they all go through, things finally shine bright for them. It is worth every minute and emotion you put in this book. The last one third of the book, I guarantee you, you will have a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes.

One may find that my review is mostly involved with discussion about and venting of my thoughts regarding the story as opposed to any kind of unyielding critique here. But, in all honesty this book is perfect. Whether it is the story, the plot, the characters or the writing everything is as it should be.

Also, the way the author has carried on from The Hesitant Heiress to The Bound Heart feels as if we are seeing the events occurring practically in our own lives. How Nathan and Amaryllis have progressed in their lives is one very interesting aspect of this one. It’s as if the author has answered the reader’s question of how Nathan and Amaryllis have been doing after settling down in Washington. It makes the series seem so real. While Nichollete’s presence and her story are continued here, we also meet the familiar Claudine Abernathy again, and Jay Crawford also gives an appearance. Further, Estella’s struggle is still on. I just can’t wait to know what happens with her life in The Captive Imposter. Vance Everstone will check your patience, but is in fact a very interesting character.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking out for a moving, touching tale of love and belonging. Even after saying so much, I still feel that I haven’t said enough and yet I feel speechless. The gist of the matter is GO READ THE BOOK AND FALL IN LOVE WITH LAWRY AND MEREDYTH.


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